Travel info

PLX Translunar takes place on the island of Tjärö in Blekinge archipelago. The fastest way to get to the island is with the ferry from Järnavik. The nearest train station is Bräkne-Hoby station, and the route is trafficked by the regional train called "Öresundståget". Please continue below for detailed travel information.

Train and bus to Järnavik

Go to Bräkne-Hoby the regional train called "Öresundståget". A designated festival shuttle will then bring you from Bräkne-Hoby station to the ferry in Järnavik. Please stay tuned for timetable and more info!

Car to Järnavik

Drive to "Järnaviks brygga" (25 km east of Karlshamn) and leave your car at the festival parking. A map to Järnavik and the parking can be found here..

Ferry from Järnavik

The ferry from Järnavik is the fastest way to Tjärö from the mainland. A round-trip is 80 SEK/adult and 20 SEK/child (3-14 years). Tickets are purchased on site and can't be reserved in advance. Please save your ticket for the return! More information about the ferry can be found at Tjärös homepage.

Please Note: The last departures from Järnavik during the festival are 8 PM (Thursday 30 Aug) and 11 PM (Friday 31 Aug and Saturday 1 Sep). Please show up in good time.

The ferry runs continuously between Tjärö and Järnavik on Sunday 2 September from 9:45 AM to 5:45 PM.

Information about accommodation during the festival can be found here.