Press release

PRESS RELEASE​​​​​​Tjarö, 30.08.2018

Alien life is visiting Earth. They chose Sweden. Is the PLX festival the start of a Martian invasion?

People have reported the presence of dozens of Martians and visitors coming from the future. Not far from where the images of the Baltic Sea Anomaly taken by the Ocean X Team showing a mysterious object buried in the ocean, the island of Tjaro is host to the PLX Translunar Festival. But some of the festival-goers are having disturbing conversations about a coming catastrophe, the end of the world, and their lives in underground tunnels or on Mars afterwards.

When asked if they were serious about these claims, those affected gave only a conspiratorial look at each other. No amount of suggesting otherwise seemed to shake their conviction that there were space aliens and futuristic beings among us. Organizers of the festival were understandably very excited to be hosting what might be real time travelers from the future, refusing to discount the possibility that these claims might be true. But Dr. Jörgen Persson, Professor at Uppsala Universitet, described the behavior as a kind of “mass psychosis” in which individual delusions can become collective hallucinations, in which the paranoia of each person is reflected and strengthened by the group. “Some of the patients seemed aware of their real lives and identities, but insisted that these were merely ‘hosts’ for an alien consciousness,” Dr. Persson said. “They slip casually between talking about the festival and heated debates about the future of ‘Martian colonization’”.

Mass hysteria, also known as Collective Obsessional Behavior, has a long history. As early as the Middle Ages, a convent of nuns would meow like cats until police threatened to whip them. As recently as 1962, a “laughing hysteria” shut down a school in Tanzania. When the students were sent home, the “laughing disease” spread to a neighboring village .On the other hand, an astrophysicist at the Svenska Astronomiska Sällskapet confirmed that time travel is not theoretically impossible. “Recent discoveries have shown that what used to considered unbreakable laws of physics must be revised or reconsidered,” said Professor Astrid Granqvist. Many residents in the Blekinge Arkipelag point out that the Baltic Sea Anomaly was never explained either, but simply left unexplained. “Scientists simply discount whatever they can’t explain as nonsense,” said a resident of Bredavik who did not want to be named in this article, “but it’s only nonsense until they are proven wrong”.