octopos018, art-werk & plain hearty fare (DE/CH)

octopos018, art-werk & plain hearty fare (DE/CH)

In your head there is a martian or a miner on a secret mission for common ground. Let the future see through your eyes in ÖRJÄT 2810

Come as you are, chat with friends, dance & drink. Only in your mind there will be another story. Borrow your body to someone travelling in time. Sounds like you are on a trip? That is the plan: Tjärö as location to populate the past.

Sign up for a parallel perception to party and play. PlainHeartyFare, art-werk and OCTOPOS018 set the scene. For a fee of 180 SEK it includes a silver ring (your secret sign), food and a personal proxy for the game.

Limited places! Register yourself on until 28th of July. Enter the game alone or as a group.

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Plain Hearty Fare is founded by Carina Erdmann and Anna Kindermann to process traditions and memories, with regard to our new globalised forms of life. Periodical ceremonies at varying locations, and an additional online publication, examine suitable subjects and create a dynamic platform. Common meals form the basis for the gathering of guests, performers and artists, who together form the program and its audience. The social sculpture is documented, translated into a fictional format and spread throughout various media circles. Celebrating the metabolic and metamorphic processes inherent in cooking and eating, new combinations and transformations offer nurturing concepts that can be ingested and digested in a physical as well as symbolic sense. / Plain Hearty Fare homepage /

art-werk is an association founded by Bernard Vienat and based in Geneva, dedicated to curatorial research in contemporary art. Its team in collaboration with external partners develop exhibition and art education programs questioning the notion of sustainability, the relation between art and science and the diffusion and evolution of aesthetic forms. Thus art-werk explores formats of mediation and display that enhance the viewer to take actively part in the artistic process. Whether through scenario, role plays, thematic exhibitions, publications and workshops the association research new grounds for ideas, part beyond rationality and social norms. / art-werk homepage /

Silver rings are provided by OCTOPOS018 who honours the creature with it's mind divided in all it's arms with a vow to the now. A blockchain forms a circle to spark the global brain. Its fluid form an ode to the constant in change. The silver ring is a sign for traditions that can be transformed. It is a promise to marry the unknown, as a faithful lover. As always unisex. / OCTOPOS018 homepage /

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octopos018, art-werk & plain hearty fare (DE/CH)
octopos018, art-werk & plain hearty fare (DE/CH)