PLX TJÄRÖ18~21 augusti 2022

Retreat Radio

Retreat Radio

Retreat Radio is an independent, non-commercial radio station and media platform based in Malmö, Sweden. The station broadcasts 24-7, with daily livestreams by residents and one-off contributors from Malmö, Scandinavia, Europe and beyond. Formerly operating out of the record shop Bolero in Malmö, Retreat Radio recently moved into their new home - Retreat Community Centre, a future creative complex for different kinds of experimental expressions and their communities.

To PLX, Retreat Radio is bringing some of their dear residents, frequent collaborators and new friends, for a showcase of the mindfully weird and adventurous. Presented at bryggscenen on Saturday 20th of August.

Line up: Inre Kretsen Grupp (live) Inre Kretsen Grupp is the one man band and a moniker for Malmö based musician Martin Blomberg. 2019 saw the release of his highly acclaimed debut EP ’Dorisk Ordning’ on Fasaan Rec, a label he later on joined and run together with Prins Emanuel and Golden Ivy.

This winter, his debut album, ’Raoul’, was released on Fasaan. An album that grew out of the live- sets Martin devised around the first EP. Sifting through these after a number of concerts, he brought them back to the studio for an arduous process of finding the right sound. With a kind of gritty and minimalistic new wave in mind, this time he went out of his way to find the right balance without falling for tropes and clichés. But however far he steers the controls for the leftfield, there is always a pop sensibility to his productions.

Martin’s music is hovering in between industrial balearic, dub, ambient jazz, Durutti Column-esque guitar excursions, new beat and cold wave, rarely drifting away from the rhythmic and melodious base on which he firmly stands.

KABLAM KABLAM is a DJ, producer and composer based in Stockholm. Her interests include maximalism, detailed rhythms, sampling, machine learning and the CDJ as an instrument. She finds it pretty chill to work with the concepts of materiality and immateriality. What to expect? Donkcore, stonkcore and well, obviously clompcore.

Lucy Headburn Lucy Headburn is an iraqi DJ based in the countryside in North Zealand, Denmark.  She wants to take you on a hypnotic goa trance journey with inspirations from Swedish forest trance.  You can listen to her show ‘TRANCEFARMER’ on Retreat Radio every month. 

SAATANS KVINNA SAATANS KVINNA is a DJ, selector and aspiring bass player from Gothenburg. With a taste for the obscure and an open mind she blends rhythmic industrial and gloomy dub music, noise textures and folk melodies. SAATANS KVINNA hosts a monthly residency at Retreat Radio and is one of the founders of the Gothenburg club night Drastic Season.

Digge Shim (live) Digge Shim is an alias of Malmö based DJ, producer and record store owner Dip Shim. Under his alias Digge Shim he produces a combo of subgenres such as  ambient, heavy 303 downtempo and weird beats. 

Retreat Radio is proud to present his live set debut as Digge Shim. Diego will bring lots of old school gear to perform a bumping trippy 303-808 downtempo act. 

This kind of thing happens only once in a while! You dont want to miss it!!

Tzimtzum Starting out his DJ trajectory at 19 playing psychedelic rock records, Tzimtzum has thrown parties in his native Gothenburg for over a decade and embraces a wide array of experimental dancefloor sounds with a through line of angular beats, intrusive percussion and gritty bass.

HOS HOS is a DJ with an affinity for the unexposed, peculiar and raw. He might play tracks you’ve never heard before, ranging from danceable diy-wave to modern beat experiments.

Sacred Grove Sacred Grove is the outlet of music maker and DJ, Teodor Heijkenskjöld. Teo has with releases on Geography, City-2 St.Giga and Blundar, experimented with faster paced music much inspired by house, techno, leftfield and ambient.

Sets are usually filled with drums, chords and sub.