PLX TJÄRÖ18~21 augusti 2022

Radio Antenn

Radio Antenn

Radio Antenn is back on PLX bryggscenenen on Friday 19th of August. Antenenn will take over your hips and groove up your brain with live acts and DJ sets.

Antennen is an online radio channel, based in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Our main goal is to stream live music from upcoming artists in the local scenes. Listen to some old shows here on the website, or give us a shout on social media if you want to collaborate.

Line up:

Bill Elz (live)

Bill Elz is a Malmö based producer, songwriter and musician. 

Usually fitted in the middle of a three part harmony in the band Crying Day Care Choir, this is him branching out as a solo artist. With Synths, keys and vocals Bill fuses electronic music with his delicate folk roots to create an emotional landscape for you to visit.


djGEM (she/her) is a Copenhagen-based DJ project by Emma Lang. Emma is a co-founder of Copenhagen’s electronic music community, Metacat Collective, and co-founder of ambient label and therapeutic-bass-tech startup, VibroAcoustics. As a rising player in the Copenhagen underground scene - she works to create safer, more sustainable values and community.

djGEM’s sound invites you into an adventurous, spirited universe. With a mix of selections through trance, breaks, bass, progressive, and techno, she designs her sets to be playful & buoyant, alive & unlimited. With a wavy maintenance of deep bass, percussive grooves, melodic phrasing, entrancing tension builders, and a fullness of sound - she pushes fresh takes with a nod to the roots of rave, and a faith in dance music’s transformative power.

Moganjah (live)

Mexican composer and producer- Made original soundtracks for the last 20 years and won the academy award for best original score in 2017. His own record label “Makabila Umoja” has released several bangers, from clubby grooves with a nice african touch, to deep tribal electronics with some instruments like drums and flutes. 

He has performed in different scenes around the world: Nyege Nyege (Uganda), ABC (burkina faso), Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Borderland (Denmark) and more.

Co created the Nyege festival in Uganda with Arlen Dilsizian and Derek Derbru in 2015. Co mixed the album “between a smile and tear” by Be svendsen in 2018.


House machine, beat lover focused on the rich intersection between electronic music, organic rhythms and world folklore mysticism. Mixing holistic jazzy tunes, blues vocals, folkloric spoken voices on the base of house grooviness. 

NordingShabo (Live)

If you close your eyes you will not simply distinguish one instrument from the other. 

They way guitar and voice lead each other  through an improvised musical garden is beyond recognisable when two instruments become one. 

Under branches of swaying birch and cherry blossoms that drop their petals in the wind like snow. Over the calm creak leading its way to the feisty river where catfish bellow in the undertow. Mother’s snapdragons glaring in all directions, never out of earshot. In the daytime, all is a fair sight for your eyes, while at night you may mistake them for goldfish skulls hanging on their vines to dry. Can’t you almost smell them?

Guitar and effects: Lage Nordling  Voice and effects: Alexandra Shabo 


Femi Laestander Jacobs AKA DJ Ipokia is a record collector and selector from Stockholm with a passion for most things rhythmic and spacey. Catch him out playing anything from Dub and Ambient to UK Bass and Jungle.


In a restless and experimental outcome, rip ME is the musical project of Em Silén. Carried by the love of combination, rip ME’s artistic ideals are the result of her larger objective of channeling an endless generosity. Effortlessly and neverendingly moving in between styles, genres and modes of expression, rip ME resigns any final definition, resulting in a soundscape that is both unmistakably strange and familiar; all-consuming and intensifying. In the midst of disparate circumstances, rip ME remains nothing but her own.

Pentti Igor

Swedish/Finnish producer, songwriter and DJ based in Malmö. With a background of playing a wide range of genres he is now bringing a bag of bangers for this festival. Expect a journey through a mysterious world with elements of dubby minimal, groovy deep tech laced with a touch of African and Arabic folk music.