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LVM + Karpilovski

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Danilo Colonna aka LVM started his career as a professional dancer in the late 90s, parallel to his art studies he simultaneously got involved into electronic music production. After leaving the stage as a performer he continued to work backstage as a choreographer, producer, teacher and director. 

Due to his background and career, his sound has become more physical throughout the years - combining his interest and drive for crossing genres such as techno into soundscapes, classical music into trance, pop songs into industrial noise.  While having played in different clubs, underground events, museums and other venues LVM is also evolving internationally within a range of experimental works.

LVM's works are sensory based and combine audio, visual and kinetic triggers that create an intersection of effects; These are proposed as independent vectors that collide in the pre-analytical perception of the viewer. He founded and manages the label N/0_nowhereoutofreach.

Alexandra Karpilovski philosopher and dancer doing business and pleasure. Together they will perform at PLX Tjärö for the third year in a row.