Callum Harper

Callum Harper

Love is eponymous with pain, pain is a syndicate of love.


Synonymous global devastation internalised within the confines of the individuals bedroom.


Pain is the essential informant to experience. 


                                               Blooming, blooming…



                                                                                                                      bloody hell.


Harper is a Non-Binary Artist residing in Melbourne, Australia, 1NE to one with nature, to internalise and engorge on all it has to offer in a poetically coded dramatic textually explosive conception of URealityL IReverseL held (‘only’) specifically in; a moment (UNWOUND) in; time before realising that unfortunately the gender binary deconstruction exclusion is still real and the water company is still chasing me up for the past few months worth of bills and I’m still looking at the M on my passport… reflecting,             .





                                                           !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAVE A LAUGH@URLSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                                 Mate.                        I will jump into the water.


                    It’s not the onions making me cry.

Internally.                                                               Confined.

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